Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal is a safety and advanced method that consists in eliminate permanently the undesirable hair using Laser Safety technology. it can be applied in white, dark blond and olive-colored skins.

To apply this procedure, is needed that the treat area be shaved or be applied a depilatory cream 1 or 2 days before starting the the treatment and hairs must have 1 or 2 mm long approximately.

24 hours before starting with the treatment, it must have to be done a power test in your skin. This test will be established according the treatment area.

Is forbidden to apply it in tattoo and blushed zones, pimples, warts, black points, born spots, nipples, eyebrows, eyelash or hair around eyes, nose and ears.

Treatment must be repeated 2 to 3 weeks for treat the pilose active follicles that weren’t treated in previous session.

Previously treated hair will fall with a light friction after the treatment.