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Slim care or anti-wrinkle treatment

Using radio-frequency treatment we can achieve skin rejuvenation with the highest safety.

Aging could be defined as the lowest tissue regeneration capacity. The skin, as the most vulnerable organ, due to elastic fibers become every time less tonics and more visible in the face (eyes, forehead and mouth) changing our face architecture.

Trough radio-frequency treatment we can achieve skin rejuvenation with the highest safety. Radio-frequency acts on the subcutaneous tissue, and partly, on the dermis level where there are collagen and elastic fibers.

Slim body, Electrotherapy and radio-frequency

The electrotherapy and ultrasounds effect represents an absolute innovation in Aesthetic Market.

It works on fat difficult to remove with gymnastics and diet, and it allow to reduce the silhouette from 1 to 2 sizes without appeal to useless sacrifices.

With this ultrasounds aesthetic treatment it can be determined thermal, mechanical and thermal mechanical effects, that rise the cellular regeneration of the collagen and elastic fibers.

The electrotherapy effects are chemical products (electrolytic properties), the stimulation (muscular contraction).

Peelling Skincare

Peeling Skincare is an extremely effective device to remove the superficial cells from the skin corneous stratus for an optimal epidermic peeling.

Trough the use of 2 different measure spatulas, we can treat free and fast the face and body. The quality of the issued currents allows to do a peeling  respecting the skin and drive the used activators products, as well as the lymphatic drainage specified for the face.

Skincare is a technology for derma treatment with peeling action of deep cleaning and cutaneous regeneration.

The device is outfitted with transmitters that provokes, trough ultrasounds vibrations to remove the scales of the corneous cells and the expulsion of the pore impurity by doing a deep skin cleaning.

The transmitters produce a massage that improve the micro circulation on the skin and help the penetration of the regeneratives cosmetics products, helped by the simultaneously application of a light current pulse.

The action of the micro massage revitalize the skin tissues with an action that improve the cell metabolism, with the consequential rising of the blood microcircle and with an electrolytic action that rise the blood irrigation.


This treatment is applicable to 74 kinds of pathologies, that embrace since traumatology, rheumatism, angiology, neurology, dermatology and endocrine. Bound to a temporal use for therapeutic  andphysiologist treatment, trough magnetic fields generator.

To achieve a positive result is suggested start applying it daily, and then on  alternated days with low frequency increasing it progressively the pause days till the pathological phenomena  disappear.


The cavitation is a technique that allows the removal, in a selective, non invasive and safe way, of the cellulitis. This painless technique provide immediate results that can been observed from early sessions.

The CAVISLIM line allows, due to its many programming possibilities, to remove the cellulitis and the orange skin in a effective and safe way, because every zone and kind of cellulitis needs a different way of treatment.

Programmable time

Every session could be programmed in a very intuitive way with times between 1 and 15 minutes.


With cavitation, in contradistinction to alimentary diet, you will can decide witch part of your body you wish to mold, just abdomen, just flanks, just legs, etc. or a full body treatment. Its your call.

Easy and Safe

When you start this process you must be very constant not put it aside. That way you will accomplish an optimal process and will remove correctly all that undesirable fat accumulated in your organism, in places like hips, flanks, arms, legs, abdomen and in those particular places where used to concentrate adipose cells.

  • As the removal of the accumulated fat destroyed by the cavitation process is done by natural means (trough urine) its very important to be very hydrated, at least 2 hours before procedure starts. Its recommended consume 2 litters of fresh water and after 35 minutes that last the procedure start to expel the consumed liquid with all the toxins.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! … Beside doing the sessions in a correct and a periodic way, and certain level of physical activity, is commendable have a balanced and healthy nutrition.

Electrical hair removal

This procedure allows to remove the hair permanently by using radio-frequency.

The hair removal consists in high frequency current administered, with it is obtained a warming of the papilla with it later coagulation. This procedure is measured by pulses.

The succeed of this operation is obtained depending of the treated hair life state, that is to say, growing phase, matureness phase, or atrophy and death phase. The positive results are obtained if this procedure is done in growing phase.

Facial Hair Removal

Its recommended on weekly or biweekly treatments, where are removed 50 to 100 hairs. You can remove your hair from the cheeks, chin, upper lips, neck. The born of the hair and the zone between the eyebrows can be modified.

In men, this kind of hair removal is quite often in cheekbones and some regions of the neck where hair tends to embody.

Hair remove can be done for good in several zones of the human body, like zones near to mammary halos, abdominal region, inguinal pubis, dorsal region, upper and lowers articulations near axillas. In these zones, is recommended hair removal techniques in continuous treatments-appointments and should be repeated in 2 or 3 months to also remove those hairs that were in growing phase.

The SF 20 is a programmable device for hair removal that, regulating radio-frequency intensity and the pulse centesimal time, allows velocity and personalization of the removal operation.

This equipment also allows hair removal with reduced collateral effects:

  • Minimum pain sensation
  • Scars absence
  • Fastness and possibilities of re intervention


Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal is a safety and advanced method that consists in eliminate permanently the undesirable hair using Laser Safety technology. it can be applied in white, dark blond and olive-colored skins.

To apply this procedure, is needed that the treat area be shaved or be applied a depilatory cream 1 or 2 days before starting the the treatment and hairs must have 1 or 2 mm long approximately.

24 hours before starting with the treatment, it must have to be done a power test in your skin. This test will be established according the treatment area.

Is forbidden to apply it in tattoo and blushed zones, pimples, warts, black points, born spots, nipples, eyebrows, eyelash or hair around eyes, nose and ears.

Treatment must be repeated 2 to 3 weeks for treat the pilose active follicles that weren’t treated in previous session.

Previously treated hair will fall with a light friction after the treatment.

Passive gymnastics

Is a body technique that use devices with a low voltage electrode system, over the different muscles groups (gluteus, legs, abdomen). That way is achieved trough electrical stimulation fix flaccidity, reduce the fat deposits, and even increase the size of the treated areas, like gluteus.

The passive gymnastics is not dangerous and is recommended by physicians.

Is suitable for those who doesn’t want to suffer with the exercise, get tired, sweat or have muscle pains.

This kind of machine is found in rehabilitation centers or body aesthetics and the treatment must be done in 3 phases:

  1. To slim, and is necessary take 3 sessions a week, 1 hour each.
  2. To harden muscles
  3. To maintain the obtained result

To secure success of this novel technique is necessary to complement it with right feeding habits


This is a mechanical treatment that stimulate the lymphatic system and helps to drain quickly the liquid excess under the muscular layer, so hard to treat!!!


A very wanted equipment, because the Pressocare lymph-drain, is is used constantly, solves the problematic that causes the lymphatic ecstasy, problems that aesthetics staff face everyday.

Tintoretto is liable and modern system. The measure, multi-functional and programming systems, and the accessories action superimposed sectors consent a drain tracing of the interstice liquids by a delicate and relaxing action, avoiding the intense pressure variations.

The Tintoretto device is made with the most advanced electronic technology, witch allows it to control until 8 sectors at the same time.